Thursday, February 21, 2013

Overview on how to make electronic Music - Stuff You Need

This is an overview of what you need to learn how to make electronic music
1. Computer
In order to create electronic, you of course need a computer. It can either be a PC or a Mac. I personally use a pc. It really doesn't matter what you use as most programs are able to work on both PC and Mac.
What does matter however if the performance of your computer. Music production can be computer intensive meaning that you will need a decent processor to handle everything that happens. 
You can still produce with a slow processor but it is a pain as everything will be slow and choppy. 
2. Soundcard/ Audio Interface
This is a much needed hardware upgrade. Most computer's built in sound cards suck especially if you're going to be using MIDI controllers. When you use MIDI controllers with stock sound cards, there will be a huge amount of latency. You can decrease latency by installing ASIO4ALL drivers, but it isn't enough.
Upgraded soundcards will get rid of all if not most your latency for a much better production experience. 

3. Studio monitors/ headphones
These are necessary for when you mix and master a song. They provide the most accurate sound so that when you use them yo mix, the outcome is that your song will sound good using any other speaker or headphone.
However, if you use enhanced headphones such as beats or Bose, you won't get an accurate mix. This means that while it sounds perfect on your headphones, it won't sound balanced on other headphones or speakers.
4. MIDI Controllers
These aren't necessary but they make it easier to play around with notes so you can make a melody easier and be more creative as compared to using a mouse and clicking things
5. Software - DAW 
Research the different DAWs available. It is extremely important to find a music maker with an interface that you're comfortable with and that meets your needs.
6. VST synths
The stock VSTs that come with your DAW may not be as versatile. Invest in some VST synthesizers and you'll be able to create your own unique distinguishable sounds.
7. Samples
They are mostly drum samples and one hits. You can get packs that have a huge collection of different kicks, claps, hats or any other drums parts. With this, you can create your own drum loops and the foundation of your song.
They also come as loops but I advise that you don't use premade loops as they are not creative and will not develop your music producing skills. 
For more music tips, check out this site
Have fun making music!

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