Thursday, February 21, 2013

Producing tips: Check your Mix in Mono and at low levels

Producing tips: Check your Mix in Mono and at low levels
Do this and your mixes will sound even more balanced.

First, check it at a low volume. 
During your mixing, your usually mixing at a high volume level. By lowering your volume, some of the balance changes. Keep listening for the key elements while you're mixing and make sure that they're in balanced with each other.

Also, while you're mixing at higher volumes, your ears start to get fatigued. Mixing at lower volumes allows you to spend more time or have a longer sitting during your mixing session.

Second, check your mix in mono.
Since EDM is mostly played at clubs, it is essential to mix in mono because clubs use mono sound systems.

Here's something to look for while in mono.

Phasing issues. Some sounds or instruments may cancel each other out at some parts. This happens when the different sounds turn out to have the same or similar frequency and out of phase which results in cancellation or general out of phase issues.

You usually get phasing issues due to stereo widening effects. If the most important sounds have phasing issues in mono, then you must fix it. However if it is the less important parts, you don't need to worry too much about mono. As long as the oeverall song doesn't have too much phasing, it's all good.

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